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Backlot Locations

Pictures and plans of various backlot sets: Residential Street, Central Park, and New York Street including downloadable PDF photo books of each location.

Residential Street PDF format DWG format PDF book of photos

Residential Street runs north and south, with a cross street running east and west. Main Street has three house fronts on the east side and four house fronts on the west. Looking north on Main Street, there are eight house fronts creating an intersection for 360 degree shooting.

Central Park PDF format DWG format pdf book of photos PDF book of photos

Thislocation matches an area of Central Park in New York. The pathway can be filled with water to give a pond or swamp effect as exemplified in the second photo.

New York Street PDF format DWG format PDF book of photos
  Brooklyn_Book PDF of Brooklyn Nine Nine NY Street Design
  PDF of NY Street Elevations

New York Street runs east and west, with a corner on the west end. There are 11 building fronts on the south side, 4 of which are brownstone. The north side has 6 building fronts. All of the buildings are two stories with brick fronts. The bottom stories are store fronts and the second stories are apartments. All the first floor store fronts (with the exception of the brownstones) are removable.
Street lights and manhole covers are found all along the street. Grates in the sidewalk can be rigged for steam to simulate winter scenes. Sleeves are in place to install trees and parking meters along the sidewalks. Entire street is rigged for rain and silks to diffuse sunlight.

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