Radford Studio Center is a full service facility with 18 sound stages on 40 acres. The lot has many exterior locations as well, including 3 permanent sets; New York Street, Central Park, and Residential Street. There are 18 office buildings and 20 bungalows comprising approximately 210,000 square feet of production office space. In addition to over 200 permanent and portable dressing rooms; there are hair & makeup rooms, green rooms, and 9 multi-purpose rooms.

On lot production support departments include Art and Transportation with liquid petroleum gas. The Studio offers facilities for the construction and manufacture of sets including a Mill, Paint & Sign Shop, and Special Effects. The Grip and Set Lighting Departments are fully equipped for both scaffold and pipe rigging.

Sound and attendant facilities are on site for both film and videotape. A Viewing Room that seats 79 people is available for screenings and production meetings.

Available at the Studio are such facility services as Carla's Café, which offers daily meals, cast & crew catering, craft services, and event catering; Joe's Gym, with memberships exclusively for Studio employees and tenants; the Take 5 Coffee Bar, serving Starbucks brand beverages and snacks; Elaine's Beauty Salon; and Nationwide Car Detailing.

History of Radford Studio Center

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