The team of mechanical, special effects and pyrotechnical experts at Radford Studio Center can provide equipment and personnel to accommodate all of your special effects requirements.

Services include:
Budgeting and Script Breakdown Rigging and Production Personnel Welding
Effects Rentals Manufacture of Specialty Props  

Equipment Rental
Rain Effects Equipment Snow Effects Equipment For Services or FX Equipment Rental
  Contact: Jesse Beck
  Phone: 818-655-5671
  Fax: 818-655-5970
Steam Effects Equipment Flying & Rigging Equipment
Fog & Smoke Equipment Wind Machines
Set Plumbing Space Heaters
Gimbal Subway Car pdf Subway Car Photos and Specs
Misc. Effects Equipment Subway Car Graphics pdf Subway Car Graphics

Gimbals create large set movement for your mockup of a plane, boat or car etc. Our gimbal table is 7' x 16' with a height of 44".

Subway Car Mockup
The Subway Car mockup is built in two trailer sections which can be rented as a complete set or individually. The interior is equipped with dimmable fluorescent ceiling fixtures and accent lighting. The side doors are designed to operate from house air. The Subway Car is easy to transport with a stake bed truck.

Subway Station Wall Rental
We also have 6 paintable subway station walls for rent. Each section is 8' x 10' and comes with a pilaster.

Rent the Subway Car and/or Station Walls

  Contact: Nigel Alandy
  Phone: 818-655-5665
  Fax: 818-655-8000



Steel Decks
Our grip department rents steel decks used to create the train platform seen here. Please contact: Jose Reyes in the grip department for more information.


Rent Steel Decks for Platforms

  Contact: Jose Reyes - Grip Dept.
  Phone: 818-655-5673
  Fax: 818-655-5443


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